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Covid-19 Update Central

Current Worship Times

Sunday AM
Bible Classes 9:30-10:15

Live Stream Option (Adults)

Sunday AM Worship 10:30-11:45
Live Stream Option

Sunday PM Worship

Live Stream Option (Adults)

Wednesday Class
Live Stream Option

Participation in our Worship and Interactive classes

Currently our doors are open! See the hours to the right. We are currently open for physical and virtual worship so please join us either way! You can remotely join our worship and bible classes via our live stream!  

Do you need any special care or help?

If you need absolutely anything then please let us know how we can help! Our crack team of helpers (everybody) would love to help however they can.  Please email: with your need or request.  Seriously...let your family help you.

What special precautions are being taken?

After every service and class there is a thorough cleaning procedure in place.  Masks are required for the entirity of the service.  Also, we are saving our sing until the end of the service.  We are looking forward to being together in person again soon without constraints!  We miss seeing our family, and once able to meet without imposing risk to our members we will update this site.

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